Emotional Support Animals

We truly believe in the support that animals provide to their human companion

Our history

Most of the staff at Spring Eternal have animals that are considered to be their companion. In our journey to gain more information about animals in therapy, we discovered that they provide even more that we initially knew. Both the Executive and Program Director for Spring, has has training on Animal Assisted Therapy and we truly do stand behind the fact that pet relationships can reduce depression, anxiety and decrease the symptoms associated with PTSD. 

Support Letters

Spring Eternal has partnered with Service Dog Registrations of America to evaluate persons that may wish to have their pet registered as an emotional support animal. All of our therapist are provided training and clinical guidance on completing phone evaluations. We use clinically proven tools following a history and screening tool to determine eligibility. We complete monthly training's and clinical supervision is always available. All persons are evaluated, however not all may meet criteria to be eligible for an emotional support animal. Also, keep in mind that we evaluate the person, not the pet. 

Potential Landlords and Airlines

Please note that clinical licenses are updated yearly. Therefore if a letter is issued on February 13, 2012 and the license expires on June 30, 2012, the therapist has likely updated due to the yearly requirement. We do not issue new letters due to this expiration procedure, however you can visit Oklahoma Department of Behavioral Health.