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Case Management

Linkages and referrals to community resources Monitoring and assistance toward gaining access to needed services (i.e. utility assistance, rent assistance, employment, education, etc.)

Individual, Family & Group Counseling

Self esteem; depression; grief; anxiety; coping skills; stress; traumatic experience; sexual abuse.

Depression Counseling

Youth Rehabilitation & Counseling

School performance; behavior problems; depression; self esteem; life skills; anger; peer pressure; grief.

Marriage and Family Therapy

Pre marital counseling, dealing with marital discord; separation and divorce; custody challenges; parenting skills/development; blended families; step families; conflict resolution; communication skills and processes



Identification of depression triggers; loss of loved one; loss of relationship; divorce, family problem

Grief Counseling

Sometimes loosing someone is too difficult to handle alone. Our grief counseling and support groups can assist you in this journey.